Introduction to this Book & Website

(How / Why this book came to be)

June 2006

June 2006
   Jan 2007

Isaac Camacho and Billy Waugh discuss the possibility of Billy W. writing the book. An agreement was reached to complete this book.

Consideration of the manner to convey information from the author to readers, concerning the setting of the book; military terms; short history of the US Army Special Forces; and a brief introduction to Isaac Camacho himself, was paramount, for reader-understanding. I decided to insert four Sections prior to Chapter 1, with info in each Section to bring the reader to the scene of the 1963 Action of Chapter 1. I decided to insert many sketches, maps, photographs, as well as documents into a Website, with the pages of the site coinciding with the Chapters; allowing the reader to refer to this Website as the book was read.

April 2007
July 2009
I made contact with Mr. Neil Horn, a Web Designer, who lives in Arizona, to seek his expertise in designing the Front Page, as well as the activation buttons, and transfer of pages, via a large web site for the book to come. Neil was interested, thus we began. I supplied the Maps and sketches (Hand drawn), photographs, and all documents, with Neil placing each in its respective position in the Sections or Chapters as agreed upon. Neil's designs were and are perfect. I recommend Neil Horn to any and all who require web design assistance.

This book took more than two years to write, and explain via the Website. I feel this book can be comprehended by combining the reading with frequent referral to the site.

We hope you enjoy this book about a fine, American Hero. A US Army Special Forces soldier, a Texan, who never lost his resolve nor wavered in his determination to escape the enemy who had captured him. You may express your appreciation to this hero, Issac Camacho, with a Guest Book entry on the site.

Thank you – Billy Waugh Special Forces SGM (R) & Neil Horn (Webmaster)