Chapter 12

Escape Plan Materializes / Escape Kit Ready


Sketch #1: Camacho's plan for escape
Sketch #2: 2-man cell - the guard's view
Sketch #3: 2-man cell - view toward guard's shack
Sketch #4: Camacho's escape plan - Dry Run
Sketch #5: Cut-away view of 2-man cell
Sketch #6: Freedom is at hand (Isaac speaks)


Special Document #1: Excerpts from George Smith's book 'POW, Two Years with the Viet Cong'

Chapter 13

Escape / Walking in a Circle / Evasion / Pick-up by a Red Cross Automobile – Freedom


Sketch #1: Camacho disoriented - circles back
Sketch #2: Camacho enters a rubber plantation
Sketch #3: Camacho flags down Red Cross vehicle driven by Viet/French Doctor


Map #1: General Map of the Escape Route
Map #2: Camacho's Specific Escape Route

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