W-S, Special Document # 1, Chapter 10 –  Extract from the Cuban Program.

      *The author (Michael D. Benge – a [then] Civilian US Economic Development Officer) spent 11 years in Vietnam, over five years as a Prisoner of War-- 1968-73, and is a diligent follower of the affairs of the region. While serving in the II Corps Military Region, he was captured in South Vietnam by the North Vietnamese, and held in numerous camps in South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and North Vietnam.

 Michael D. Benge has given permission for the inclusion of the information shown below. 

Cuban War Crimes Against American POWs
 During the Vietnam War

Testimony of Michael D. Benge before the  House International Relations Committee Chaired by the Honorable Benjamin A. Gilman,  November 4, 1999.


Cubans and Other POWs

According to CIA documents Cuban communist party committee members, Cuban "journalists" Raul Valdes Vivo and Marta Rojas Rodriguez, "visited liberated areas of South Vietnam where they interviewed [interrogated] U.S. prisoners of war being held by the Viet Cong."(24) [Many of the American POWs held in the South Viet Nam, were in fact under the command-control of the North Vietnamese's Enemy Proselytizing Bureau, but temporarily farmed-out to Viet Cong.] Rojas told of her "interviewing" American POWS in South Viet Nam at the Bertram Russel mock war crimes tribunal in Denmark in 1967.(20) Photographs of some of the POWs, and related articles, appeared in Cuban and various other communist media. American POWs **Charles Crafts, Smith, McClure, Schumann, and Cook were among those interviewed and photographed by Rojas and Vivo. This leads one to ask, "Why hasn't DOD pursued questioning Cubans about the fate of American POWs?"

** POWs in COSVN POW Camp B-20, From where SFC Isaac Camacho had escaped on 09 July 1965.

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