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Rod Azama | razama~AT~verizon~DOT~net
Ike, We met back in 1976 when my ODA was going through some training at Ft Bliss. Chuck Callaghan, Tim Davis, Frank Batteford, and others were with me and you took us across the border.
9 May 2012 - Maryland

M Dawson | udubusa~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Thanks Billy for sharing this story with the rest of the world. You, Isaac, and your fellow SF brothers are true American heroes. Thank you for your service past and present.
4 November 2011 - Fayetteville, NC

Olga Santillano | osantillano~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Mr. Camacho: I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. I recently found a picture of you that you had given to my parents, Eleuterio & Angelina Santillano. I'm glad I found your website and got your book. My mom remembers how you used to follow my dad around when you were a little boy. Apparently, my dad worked with your father in Fabens. Thank you so much for your service and may God bless you and your family.
10 August 2011 - El Paso, Texas

David Carrasco | ciinc9~AT~cox~DOT~net
It's always an honor to stand with a fellow brother, no matter the branch of service. We who went to NAm share a certain time of our lives that we alone can attest to and for those who didn't make it home,,,God has taken them into his fold. Welcome Home,,,
12 May 2011 - Phoenix Arizona

Keith Bodine (Hacksaw) | keith~DOT~bodine~AT~gmail~DOT~net
What a great tribute to a real American hero. This is just amazing. God Bless all the vets. Hacksaw
17 February 2011 - Pasadena, Texas

Joe Gunter | gunter~AT~rose~DOT~net
Incredible work by B. Waugh about one of the greatest living American soldiers (he himself is another). Thank you both for your service. We can't come up with the right superlatives to describe you guys, but we'll keep trying!
14 December 2010 - Thomasville, GA

MAJ Russ Ames | russ~DOT~ames~AT~us~DOT~army~DOT~mil
Perused your book while here at SERE in WA. No time to read, but it will be the first thing I order when I get home. De Oppresso Liber.
9 December 2010 - 10th SFG(A)

Jovie R. Padus | mpadus~AT~emcp~DOT~com
Dear Mr. Camacho
I heard sketchy details of your heroism while I was growing up from my mother and your cousin, Jovie Carreon, daughter of Ramona Venegas and Jose Carreon of Fabens, TX. This past Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to host Marines for dinner and this gave my mother the opportunity to share your story with them. I have passed your story on to my children. I am thrilled to have found your book. I plan to give it to my mother as a Christmas gift. Her brothers also served in Viet Nam. If you are interested you may contact her through me at this email: Thank you for your sacrifice. I look forward to sharing the details of your story with my children.
30 November 2010 - California

Lt. Col. Jim Kennedy (Ret) | jimkennedy~AT~alum~DOT~mit~DOT~edu
I was the commander of the Special Forces A team at Minh Thanh just after you escaped and arrived there having just come off Nui Ba Den "The Mountain" as the A team CO there.

I was very happy to see the photos of some of my team members including Rocky Lane, Brad Davis and Snake Hosking which were there when you arrived at Minh Thanh - it brought back many memories.

If you wish to know more more about Snake Hosking and how I helped him escape a Courts Martial I'd be happy to go into the details, just send me an email. But my doing that was a very bittersweet moment. It saved an outstanding soldier from being discarded by the Army but it also meant Snake went on to win his Medal of Honor posthumously.

Also if you are interested I can also send you a DVD that is a 1/2 hour long documentary made by the Canadian Broadcasting Company of my Camp on Nui Ba Den that was filmed in May 1965 and first broadcast in the US in December 1965.

Like yourself, Snake was among the ultimate SF troopers.

By the way I have also started correspondence with Snake's daughter, Gail, and find it very enlightening. I'm sure you know she wrote a book "Snakes's Daughter" don't you? You are mentioned in it and had been in touch with her about what happened on 13 July 1965.

Isaac, I salute you and all you did.

De Oppresso Liber

Jim Kennedy
5 November 2010 - Minh Thanh in 1965

Frank Rickard
Enjoyed your book. Enjoyed talking with you at the Bragg convention.
22 September 2010

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