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"A remarkable story of a soldier’s survival against overwhelming odds to survive. As a parable that challenged each of us to find the best within ourselves during war. It is an exceptional example of perseverance and intrepid determination. (Isaac Camacho) A most courageous soldier!"

— COL(R) ROBERT LEWIS HOWARD, Medal of Honor, Vietnam

"Isaac Camacho's survival in captivity and miraculous escape demonstrate that courage and faith can overcome the worst adversity. A humble man, he is nonetheless a great American hero."

— MAJ(R) JOHN L. PLASTER, US Army Special Forces, Author, "SOG" and "SECRET COMMANDOS"

"Isaac Camacho is the best example of the SPECIAL FORCES SOLDIER that I know. His unyielding resolve and determination, allowed this fine soldier to escape his captors, and evade those enemy patrols sent to recapture him, as he made his way to freedom."


"Isaac Camacho’s extraordinary courage during close combat against overwhelming odds; his perseverance, his determination to survive to fight again; and, his adherence to the Soldier’s Code of Conduct; along with his strong belief in himself and his country – all served to raise the bar for the intrepid standards which represent a true American hero. Isaac Camacho’s legacy, so well presented in this historic document, will serve as a lasting example for all professional warriors for ages to come. The Storyteller and the Subject, are two of the finest and bravest to earn the Green Beret of the United States Special Forces Warriors."


"Billy, you two good men have outdone all others with this scholarly work that all can understand. This is the first true depiction of the jungle camps of horror. The jungle POW lived in a place where the environment itself tried to kill him every day and every night. Lastly, you both give hope to the future captive that escape is possible and that this, most honorable route to freedom, must be the preferred path to freedom above all other means."

— MAJ(R) MARK SMITH, DSC, POW also interned in a Jungle Cage along the Cambodian Border in the 1970s

"SFC Isaac Camacho's actions make him one of bravest Soldiers that I have ever known."

— COL(R) O. Lee Mize, Medal of Honor, Korean War